Tesera® is modular furniture that offers the flexibility to expand and contract according to use and space. As lifestyles and work styles diversify, Tesera® has the flexibility to freely change its form to suit various styles, from a small unit like a side table to a large unit like a bookshelf that covers an entire wall, by adding or changing modules. Even if a part is damaged during use, it can be permanently used by replacing only that part.

Product Features

  • Achieve ideal size by consolidation

    Tesera is composed of frames and boards, which are connected vertically and horizontally to the extent structurally feasible, to form shelves that suit the space and purpose.
  • Design that enhances the beauty of the space

    The frame is finished with a matte texture and a combination of curves, and the design of the joints with no visible screws and other details harmonize well with the space.
  • Free combinations unique to Tesera

    Tesera can be made in a variety of shapes, such as L-shaped or staircase-shaped, and offers a wide range of interior design possibilities, such as incorporating drawers or using the top panel as a white board.


  • frame

    Frame Image

    Well-honed design, refined lines, and attention to detail.
    The aluminum frame is an uncompromising choice.

  • board

    Board Image

    The warmth of fine wood, a board material that skillfully tones the design of the office space.

  • soft close

    Soft Claw Image

    Quiet and smooth. Quality is meticulously pursued down to the feel when opening and closing.

(product) line-up

  • Shelf 01
  • Shelf 02
  • Shelf 03
  • Shelf 04
  • Shelf 05
  • Shelf 06
  • Shelf 11
  • Shelf 08
  • Shelf 09-1
  • Shelf 09
  • Shelf 10
  • Shelf 12
  • Shelf 13
  • Shelf 14
  • Shelf 15
  • Shelf 16


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