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Roots of Tesera

Tesera is a modular system with a Japanese aesthetic.
Inspired by the lifestyle designs nurtured by the traditions of the ancient city of Kanazawa, the birthplace of Tesera, it has been reconstructed and created in a modern context.

Tesera Products

About Tesera


It is a modular furniture with the features of "sustainability," "flexibility," and "minimal design," and realizes flexibility that allows expansion and contraction according to the use and space.

Tesera 3 Features

  • Flexibility Flexible to suit the application Image


    Versatile for a wide range of applications

    By combining modules, it can be reconfigured into a wide variety of furniture such as desks and shelves. When not in use, they can be disassembled for space-saving storage.

  • Minimal Design Harmonious Design Image


    Sustainable design

    The main components are made of recyclable aluminum material. Even if some of the parts are scratched, they can be replaced, allowing the product to continue to be used sustainably.

  • Minimal Design Harmonious Design Image

    Minimal Design

    Harmonious Design

    The sharp, minimalist design with details that harmonize from office to home without borders.


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